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Robert Thompson is a highly skilled musician, producer, writer and publisher. He has been nominated for Grammys twice. He currently serves as President at Wise Music Group and President of the Music Publishers Association of the USA.

As a leader in the publishing and performance industry, Robert Thompson continues to look for ways to promote a strong and vibrant community. He believes supporting the local music scene includes conducting top-notch performances, creating publishing deals and producing high-quality sound. With a solid educational back

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Music Producer
August 5, 2022

Skills Needed For a Music Producer to Succeed in the Recording Industry

What does a music producer do? A record producer blends several skills into the making of a record. A good producer is a great musician, an excellent engineer, a great composer, and sometimes even an accountant! They know what the finished product will sound like and the technology path to accomplish that goal. However, there […]

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